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148. Belvedere Festetics and Berzsényi Gyenesdiás Turist activity Direct at beach Add to favorites
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Lovers of nature can roam about Keszthely Hills to seek relaxation in a wonderful combination of quiet landscape, flora and fauna. Varied forests, plants, look-out towers and rest places make this...

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90. Swimming by Balaton 2011 Révfülöp Sport Direct at beach Add to favorites
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Advice for the cross swimming:Body protection: The necessity and quantity of fat covering your body should be decided one hour before the swimming starts. If the water is warm, (24-25 C) only a...

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289. Yacht Charter Siófok Turist activity Direct at beach Add to favorites
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Lake Balaton is an essential ingredient of the ship. In our home we are!The smaller the vitorlásoktól for 6, 10, 25, 35, 40 greater personal power and a wide selection of two ships sailing árb...

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